Testimonials CPT

Testimonials Custom Post Type

The testimonials custom post type allows you to be creative a list of user testimonials. You will have a number of templates available to show off the testimonials as well.

Testimonial Options

Single Post Template
Select the template that you want the single post page to use. These templates can be modified or you can create your own. Please see Templates to learn more.
Author Name
Name of person that wrote the testimonial
Testimonial Background
Background color to be used while displaying testimonial.
Testimonial Font Color
Font color to be used while displaying the testimonial.
Author Image
Image to be used when displaying the author if the testimonial.
Is this testimonial from a company, if so, who?
Company Link
Link to the company website, if you named a company above.
Company Link Target
blank – Opens the link in a new window or tab (this is default)
self – Opens the link in the same frame as it was clicked
parent – Opens the link in the parent frame
top – Opens the link in the full body of the window