We strive to provide exceptional support. Providing the support to our clients is of extreme importance to us. We do this because we back up our products, we care about our users, and want to assist them on their journey in getting the most out of our products for their sites.

Please understand that you need to meet these requirements before requesting support.

  • Support tickets must meet the proper criteria as outlined by Envato. For details see the Envato Item Support Policy.
  • Support is only available during the support time period. Tickets received after the product support period has expired are not eligible for support.
  • Item support requires activation (see how to activate in the documentation). Tickets regarding activation and installation may be submitted prior to activation. Everything else will require activation to ensure your item is eligible for support.
  • Support is not offered through comments on ThemeForest or CodeCanyon. To best handle support tickets, we only answer support requests submitted through email or the support ticket page.
  • Intense Visions offers additional paid support at Support Locker. Support Locker provides full site support, backups, security scans and website maintenance on a monthly or per request basis.

Item Support Exclusions

  • Item customization. We do offer customization partners that can assist you with any customization, modification or issues that extends beyond our scope of support.
  • Installation of the Item
  • Hosting, server environment, or software
  • Help from authors of included third party assets

Our staff members cannot:

  • Provide their IP Addresses, under any circumstances.
  • Edit their host file to gain access to your installation. You will need to allow access without modifications.
  • Provide personal information, such as full names, locations, etc.
  • Schedule a specific time to offer support and use screen sharing applications.
  • Provide any guarantees when providing support.
  • Take responsibility in case any issues arise from trying to provide support.
  • Sign non-discloure agreements to gain access to your site.