Templates CPT

Templates Custom Post Type

The templates custom post type allows you to be creative and build your own templates. With the use of the Post Fields shortcode and/or the Post Meta Data shortcode, you can display any of the metabox data inside of your template. You can also show the content, title, and/or featured images. This allows you to create templates in the editor without having to know how to write the code and having to deal with files.

You can create templates that are used for the single post page or you can create templates that are for showing items in a list. When showing your items in a list, you get to chose from a one, two, three, four, or six column layout. This gives you a lot of flexibility to build your templates the way you want. Have fun, be creative and share your templates with us if you would like.

Example of template being used

Template Options

Post Type
Select the post type that you want this template to be used with.
Select “single” when you are creating a single page post template or “multiple” when you are creating a template that will display a list of posts for the selected post type.
If you have selected “Multiple” for Type, this option allows you to set how many columns will be shown when using this template.