FAQ Custom Post Type

This custom post type allows you to add frequently asked questions (FAQ’s).

FAQ Options

Single Post Template
Select the template that you want the single post page to use. These templates can be modified or you can create your own. Please see Templates to learn more.
External Link
If you want the FAQ to link to a new page rather than expanding the collapsible when clicked,
enter a URL to the page that you want.
External Link Target
blank – Opens the link in a new window or tab (this is default)
self – Opens the link in the same frame as it was clicked
parent – Opens the link in the parent frame
top – Opens the link in the full body of the window
CSS Class
Add a class to the FAQ’s. This may help you add additional styles to the FAQ through custom CSS.
Title Background
Set the title background color.
Content Background
Set the content background color.
Title Font Color
Set the font color of the title.
Content Font Color
Set the font color of the content.