Books CPT

Books Custom Post Type

This custom post type allows you to display your books or your favorite books. You can add audio for each book and can also link to where to purchase the book(s).

Book Options

This is for the subtitle, if the book has one.
Single Post Template
Select the template that you want the single post page to use. These templates can be modified or you can create your own. Please see Templates to learn more.
Audio URL
Audio file URL. Supported formats are mp3 and ogg.
Cover Image
Select the cover image of the book.
Enter the website of the book.
Purchase Link
This can be used for a link to where to purchase the book (also can be used for affiliate link to purchase book).
Enter the languages that the book is available in. Click the “Add Language” button, then enter the Language. To add more languages, click the “Add Language” button again.
Excerpt from the book.
Hardcover, Paperback, Audiobook, Audio CD, Kindle, Audible Audio Edition, Printed Access Code, HTML, PDF, Board Book, Audio Cassette
Release Date
Enter the date that the book was released.
Recommended Age
Recommended age for readers. What age group is the book directed towards or best suited for?
Back Cover Text
Enter the description of the book that is shown on the back cover.
Click the “Add Award” button, then enter the Name and Description of the award. To add more awards, click the “Add Award” button again.
Click the “Add Review” button, then enter the Reviewer, Review Date, Rating and the Review of the review. To add more reviews, click the “Add Review” button again.