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    Again on the website at the bottom of the page you will see a list of several news articles.

    These articles are being called upon with the custom post shortcode, calling upon the posts and displaying them with the template thumbnail left of text and put in a masonry with the size 4.

    As you can see all the posts are according to the display in the category “Angel Coulby” which is the first category of my page. This isn’t correct, as there are several categories like page updates, colin morgan etc. for the displayed posts.

    Information that might be of use on this issue is that I am using the plugin Types from Toolset to create my custom posts. Although the listing is done with the usual normal wordpress posts in this case, I have tested it with a custom post projects (my own not the one included in the theme) and had the same issue. The projects are shows above the news articles with seperate shortcodes seperating them by category.

    So apparantly the sorting works, only the displayed category appears to be wrong.

    Hope you can look into this

    Thanks !


    Intense Visions


    You are absolutely correct. We actually have a fix for this already, we just haven’t submitted the update yet. Here is a link to a file that will fix the problem.

    Unzip the downloaded file and then place the metadata-shortcode.php file into the following folder inside of the Intense plugin.


    Once in place, the correct values should show for the categories and dates.

    We will have an update available soon that will include this fix.




    Thank you!

    That’s good news I’ll give that zip file a try than.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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