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    Hey there,

    I’ve been working with your theme a couple of days now, and it’s been a very big adventure. The theme and plugin have so many possibilities it’s sometimes a real challenge to find the correct settings.

    So I’ve found a couple of things I had some questions about or could use some help with. I’ll post them in seperate threads here cause I think they might eventually become usefull for other people as well.

    So first things first, here is the url of the website I’m talking about:

    I’ve used a lot of shortcodes on this page, but the first one I wanted to ask about is the “YouTube Playlist” shortcode.

    As you can see on the site the shortcode shows a video url to a playlist. Now the plugin offers several ways to search up videos but I found only the video url worked out of the box. I read the documentation which gave very little clarification unfortunately.

    My intention was to create something like the videos underneath the larger video, a thumbnail gallery from the videos of the playlist above. Now the shortcode creating the thumbnails is WP Theater in this case, but I was hoping that it would be possible to show something similar with Intense. Can that be done? Or how is the “Playlist” field supposed to be used? Because if I only fill in the url in the playlist and press preview nothing shows.

    Hope you guys can help me out with this one, I’ll open the other issues in seperate topics.



    Okay so a update to this one as well, I realized that the playlist is not meant as a YouTube playlist id. Which had me confused at first, apparantly my bf suggested this is to create my own list from several YouTube URL’s.

    So my question has sort of changed, since the function I thought it was wasn’t intended for that purpose.

    I’m still wondering if it is possible to use the video shortcode from intense to replicate the thumbnail gallery from wp theater by setting a YouTube playlist id. And if not, if this were perhaps a function you would be willing to look into?

    The reason I want to use a Playlist ID rather than seperate Video ID’s is because it is a dynamically updating gallery. Which changes as soon as I add new videos to the playlist. If this were done with seperate id’s it wouldn’t be dynamic unfortunelately.

    I don’t like the official YouTube embed however though with a list in one screen rather than small thumbnails.

    If it’s not possible or not easy to implement I’ll be satisfied with using either WP Theater plugin or WP YouTube Embed Plus since they both add the functionality as well. Just thought it couldn’t hurt to ask.



    Intense Visions


    Our theme and plugin have a lot of options, so we can understand where you’re coming from in saying that it has been an adventure. We’ve tried to document everything, but we really need to get some videos together. Having videos would really help.

    Currently, it is not possible to create the thumbnail gallery for videos (like on your current page). When a playlist is set, it shows like the playlist would in Youtube. In the upper left of the video, you can click to see all the videos in the playlist. That’s not to say that what you’re looking for cannot be done, but it would take some work on our end to build it into Intense.

    We’ll do some looking into this and see what can be done.



    Hey there,

    Thanks a lot! I think it’s great you’re willing to look into implementations to even further improve the functionalities of this great theme.

    And no worries, untill than I will just use the plugin which works fine with intensity for now.

    My site is a pretty large one with a lot of functions of your theme going to be in use. It’s quite a lot of work to adapt the content to go with Intensity but I’ve already found it well worth the price.

    And I just wanted to say your support is great as well 🙂

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