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    There are so many problems with this theme I’m about to put in a complain with Themeforest. First and foremost your support kinda sucks. It takes nearly a week to get a question answered, the theme isn’t working as promised and the settings are so non-intuitive it’s impossible to find a simple answer yourself. What’s up with that. Take for example your menus. Every single theme has s simple way to make a menu a mobile menu. This theme has no simple way. The mega-menu plugin that this theme creator provide is wonky as hell, and doesn’t work on every page on mobile. Your social networks have no activity and your documentation does not cover everything. I’m giving this another try, but if these things cannot be corrected or I can’t get answers in less time then a bloody week. . .


    Intense Visions


    Where are you asking for support? If you are submitting a support ticket through our support system, we typically answer right away. With the holidays, things have been taking a little longer. If questions are being asked in the forum, we do not monitor the forum regularly. Support should be run through the support ticket system for actual support requests.

    We recommend the Max Mega Menu plugin. If that plugin is used, the mobile menu generated by that plugin will be used. If you use the standard WordPress menu, the mobile menu will work out of the box. For example, you can see that we used the Max Mega Menu plugin on the theme’s main demo site, but did not on the majority of the other theme demo sites (business as an example). Using a regular menu like is on the Business demo will result in a normal responsive menu, while the other menu created with the Max Mega Menu plugin acts differently.

    We do a poor job with our social networks. We know we do. We’re two guys that try to keep up with everything and also keep up with our full-time jobs. We would love to have someone on board with us that could manage the social networks and help with support, but the money made from the theme and plugin will not support it. That’s where we’re at, so we do the best that we can.

    Please, if you have questions or problems with the theme and/or plugin, submit a support ticket and we will answer much faster.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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