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    Thank you for the plugin!

    Please, advise me, how I can activate it to get updates.
    I installed it.
    Found in the Settings.
    As soon as I push ‘please, activate’ I get the same page and do not understand how to start activation and wher I shoul put in the purchase code.

    Thank you.

    PS It would be great to get the video with reccomendations how to start working. several examples.

    Sincerely yours,



    Intense Visions

    To activate Intense, fill out the product license information under Settings -> Intense -> Product License. After you enter your information and save the changes, an activation button will appear at the bottom of the tab. If you have any issues activating please submit a support ticket. Thanks!



    Hello guys.
    Can´t activate my Plugin after buying. Now my support expired. I fill in a data into your Product License form, but I get this two error messages.
    „The purchase code has already been activated. Please deactivate the purchase code or contact support.“ or when I change the username, don´t now who is correct …
    „The purchase code could not be verified. Double check the purchase code and username and try again.“

    Want activate the plugin for delete the message bar about „Hello. Please activate Intense to receive automatic updates.“

    Don´t need any support in the past and in the future. Only want to activate the plugin! Don´t like to renew the support for the one prob.

    Best regards



    Intense Visions

    You can manage your activations on the account page:

    If you need us to remove the activation manually, please let us know.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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