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    I only just purchased and started exploring your plugin and have a quick question re the lightbox options. I hope to use the different types for different purposes and have been using your demo at for reference. I have two quick questions in relation to this:

    1. I notice that with your demo and the colorbox example if I resize the browser by making the window smaller the lightbox image scales down too which is what I also want to happen. This happens fine for me when I use the magnific lightbox (as it also does in your demo) but when I use the colorbox option it doesn’t resize with the browser resize unless closed and opened again from the smaller window size. I notice with magnific the resize is smooth and happens with the browser resize but that with colorbox it looks like perhaps you have some js/jquery detecting the resize and then resizing the image as a result. Is that some extra script you have running or an option I am missing somewhere? I could stick with magnific but ideally I’d like the option of using colorbox too if I can get the resizing to work the same as your demo?

    2. Similarly I’ve tested using magnific to display external links in an iframe and have used some custom css to make the magnific lightbox display larger than it is by default e.g. 90%. I’m not if custom css is the best way to do that and I’d like to increase the default width/height for external content via iframe for the other lightbox options too e.g. colorbox, and pretty photo as well as magnific. Is there a common way to do this for each? I did try adding ?&width=90% to the link but some of the external content I want to link in also recognises width=xyz as a parameter but doesn’t like % even though the content itself will fill the iframe whatever size it is. Wondering if there is another way of increasing the default lightbox size for iframe display with each of the lightbox options?

    Many thanks


    Intense Visions



    Thank you for purchasing Intense. We’re glad that you’re digging right in and exploring all that Intense has to offer.

    I first want to ask if your colorbox lightbox is used with the gallery shortcode. On our demo page, each lightbox is a gallery shortcode that includes two images. If you open the lightbox on our demo, then pause the playing of the image loop, you’ll find that the lightbox doesn’t resize with the browser. The resize happens when the next image is loaded while the loop is playing. If you use the image shortcode and set the image to open in a lightbox, you’ll find the lightbox will not resize with the browser window. Colorbox sizes the lightbox to a certain percentage width as the image loads.

    I think you’re going about this the easiest way. Each of these tools do things differently, so their code is in different places. I think it would be difficult to maintain if we told you where each setting was (some are in CSS files, script files, or even PHP files). It might be a bit of a pain to setup the CSS, but it sounds like you’ve got a pretty good handle on how to do it. You’ll probably have the code for each type of lightbox you want to use figured out pretty quickly. If you do find you need more information from us, we’ll help however we can.

    If you need any help or if you have any questions, please let us know.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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