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    I am trying to create a new location and I would like to display the Google map for that location. The problem is there is no address for the location. I entered the Latitude/Longitude from Google Maps but it doesn’t show the map. I have tried a number of ways to enter the coordinates into the Latitude/Longitude field but I can’t get the map to display.

    The locations is: 31.358328, -85.752403 and I have tried:
    31.358328 -85.752403
    31.358328 / -85.752403
    31.358328 -85.752403
    and 31°21’30.0″N 85°45’08.7″W a number of ways too.

    I can enter a know address and it works fine. So it’s installed correctly.

    Is the field not intended to be used for Google Maps? Or what is the correct way to enter them?

    Thanks for your help.


    Intense Visions

    Hello! Sorry for the very long delay in responding.

    If you’re using the map shortcode, make sure to include the latitude/longitude in the [intense_map] shortcode as well, that way the map has a place to center to. Here’s an example:

    [intense_map latitude="31.358328" longitude="-85.752403"]
    [intense_map_marker latitude="31.358328" longitude="-85.752403" title="Test" color="#fe781e" /]

    If you need further help, or if this didn’t answer your question, please let us know. If you do need more help, please send along the shortcode you’re currently using so we can test and track down what’s going on.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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