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    Intense Visions


    We are always working to make Intense better and love to hear your thoughts on ways we can improve. If there is anything you would like to let us know about, please don’t hesitate to post a reply or send an email directly to

    If you feel like we have earned a great review, please take a few seconds to review Intense on

    We can’t tell you how much we appreciate your continued support and use of Intense. There are a lot of exciting changes in the works and we are glad to have you be a part of them.

    Take Care,

    Chad and Josh



    Chad and Josh:

    You guys rock!

    I love your software even though it is so robust, I feel that I’m just scratching the surface when I use it.

    You guys provide the best tech support of any plugin developer I have ever contacted.

    I reviewed your plugin on code canyon and gave it the highest review I could. If there is anyone thinking of purchasing your product…just do it, you won’t be disappointed.

    Keep up the great work! Look forward to all the new ideas you bring to the table.



    Intense Visions

    Thanks Peter for everything. It’s feedback like this that makes all our efforts worth it. You are the best!




    Hey Guys,

    i really love u plugin. Its great and gives people the power to create great websites. But the only thing that im missing is…well in the documentation maybe u could update the examples with the given shortcodes in the end. I would really love to have more code example, like on your actual Hompage. Or maybe a short video tutorial for the most popular features

    Keep up the work! Thank you so much!





    For the content section is it possible to have a repeat image background with parallax?


    Intense Visions

    Since parallax works by changing the background image’s position, it isn’t currently possible to use repeating images. If you wanted to get around this limitation, you could create a large image with the repeating pattern. This isn’t exactly perfect but may be good enough for your needs.




    just bought this plugin and I am so eager to try it out! Will get back when I have more experience.

    Do you know, if there are:
    – any WP themes with Intense included?
    – any WP themes with Intense and Visual Composer included?
    – any Intense + Visual Composer package available?

    Thanks :).


    Intense Visions

    It’s great to hear your excitement! We are working on a theme that will include both Intense and Visual Composer. The theme will be available later this year. If you are signed up for our email list, we will send an update when it is ready. Thanks!



    Ok, thanks, this is cool!



    The plugin is very good… but only if you know how to use it. I feel very difficult to use. Some shortcodes can’t just be inserted by choosing the options and then press insert code. Need to keep exploring how to insert the code correctly. Some shortcodes must use together with another shortcodes only will it take into effect (even those not telling “This shortcode is a child of xxx and needs to be added within its parent). Time for just to explore how to pair the shortcodes will be enough for me to write another post. And if there is any option selected which hindering the shortcode to take effect, there is no hint at all, have to keep explore and explore, test and test and test the options one by one. It is really not beginner-friendly.

    Can intense team come out with a better shortcode plugin which will hint the user what’s wrong with the options selected which hindering the shortcode to take effect?


    Intense Visions


    We appreciate your feedback.

    Intense is very large and can be difficult to work through. Most shortcodes have many more options than are necessary, but we wanted to offer the options. We have considered making a free version that would offer only the basic shortcodes, with limited options. We will continue to look into this as an option.

    There are a number of shortcodes that show or hide options depending on what is selected. We do try to steer a person in one direction, so not to have them filling out extra options that will not be applied. If you are using Visual Composer, the show/hide options do not work. This makes it more difficult to traverse through the settings, because you are always seeing all of the options. We do our best with integration with Visual Composer, but we are somewhat limited in what we can do.

    If you are interested in how we did a shortcode on the site, you can always click the collapsible that is below the content on each shortcode page. The collapsible holds the code that was used to create each of the various shortcodes you see. This may not help a lot, but it might give you some direction.

    We do hope that you figure things out and get more familiar with Intense. If you need specific help or you have other questions, please let us know.



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