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    how i can replicate this:

    Thank you!


    Intense Visions


    There are a number of little pieces for the homepage 19 layout. I am including a link to a zip file that includes all the code and screenshots of the settings for the page.

    Unzip the file and then look over the following:

    1. The complete code for the page can be found in the homepage-19-code.txt file.
    2. Then the homepage-19-css.txt file includes the CSS that should be added. The CSS can be added to the CSS Code field that can be found on the Extras tab in the Post Options section that is below the editor on the page.
    3. See the homepage-19-settings.png for a screenshot for the settings on the page that help layout the Header. This does include a setting for the Secondary Header Template that will need to be built with the Templates custom post type (if not turned on, you can turn it on by going to Settings->Intense, then to the Custom Post Types tab and checking Templates in the Active Custom Post Types list and then saving the options).
    4. Add the new secondary header template. The code for the new template is homepage-19-header-template.txt and the screenshot for the settings of the template is homepage-19-template-screenshot.png.

    This should include all of the code needed to replicate the page. You will need to fix the image settings so that they use image ID’s from your media library. If there are any issues or additional questions, please let us know.

    One additional side note, we do check our forum from time to time, but we do not use it as our main line of support, so if you have a support issue and want it answered faster, please submit tickets by visiting and submitting a ticket from there.




    Thank you!

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