Intense Visions



Currently, the Template CPT doesn’t support custom post types that are not included in Intense. The Post Fields shortcode options are all added into the dropdowns manually (meaning the dropdowns are pre-built and are not dynamic). That’s not to say that what you’re trying to do cannot be accomplished with Intense, it’s just saying that you won’t be able to use the Templates CPT to accomplish your goal.

You can create your own template with PHP and include it in Intense. Take a look at this page, and let us know if you have any questions. As long as you know the field names, it shouldn’t be bad to do. You could use the “Two Text” template as a starting point, then modify it to work for your post type and fields. I would suggest saving the template file in your child theme (so an update to your theme or Intense doesn’t overwrite the template). You could save the template as a blog template as long as you named the template so you know what it was. The template would show in the template dropdown for the Custom Post shortcode.

I hope this helps you.