I have to create a page similar to http://swimmingfederation.in/unitsofsfi.php

In this case I have created a Custom post type using Types and used ACF included in the theme to add meta fields for
1. Name of person
2. Position
3. Address
4. Email

When I use a shortcake for the CPT
[intense_custom_post post_type="unit" template="two_text_inside" template_content="full_post" order="asc" posts_per_page="30" infinite_scroll="1" show_author="0" show_meta="0" meta_template="text" meta_show_comments="0" meta_show_author="0" meta_show_categories="0" meta_show_date="0" show_filter="0" filter_effects="fade, scale"]

I get a result as shown

When I look at creating a template using the template CPT I am unable to find a units CPT in the drop down list

Please help