The plugin is very good… but only if you know how to use it. I feel very difficult to use. Some shortcodes can’t just be inserted by choosing the options and then press insert code. Need to keep exploring how to insert the code correctly. Some shortcodes must use together with another shortcodes only will it take into effect (even those not telling “This shortcode is a child of xxx and needs to be added within its parent). Time for just to explore how to pair the shortcodes will be enough for me to write another post. And if there is any option selected which hindering the shortcode to take effect, there is no hint at all, have to keep explore and explore, test and test and test the options one by one. It is really not beginner-friendly.

Can intense team come out with a better shortcode plugin which will hint the user what’s wrong with the options selected which hindering the shortcode to take effect?