Intense Visions


This is very confusing because it appears that the Adipoli effect is the one being applied, but the Custom Post Type shortcode doesn’t allow for that effect to be applied. The only thing that I can think of is that the Adipoli effect might be getting added because of the image shortcode that is being used to display the image. This might be due to the skin that is set for the Image shortcode. To check this, go to the Intense admin options (Settings->Intense), then the Skins tab. From there, click on “Image” in the list of shortcodes (it is in the Media section). Once you see the shortcode options, go to the “Hover” tab and have a look at those settings. Check this link for a screenshot of the settings that I have.

If you are still having issues or this doesn’t fix the issue, please let us know. We may need temporary access to look into the issue much further.