Intense Visions



From what I can gather by looking at the CSS and layout of the page, it looks as though the culprit is one section. The section that is too wide is the section with the posts (each with the bet 365 images). The columns end up being too wide. I think the following CSS may correct the problem. This CSS can be added on the page (in the CSS Code option, wich is in the Post Options section, on the Extras tab) or it can added into the CSS Code option, which is in the Intense admin options (Settings->Intense) on the Extras tab.

.vc_row.wpb_row.vc_row-fluid {
    width: 100% !important;

On top of these things, I also noticed that Visual Composer is adding some CSS to all icons, giving them a 5 pixel margin on the left. This is pushing the icons of ours over slightly, making them look off center. Here is the CSS to correct this for our icons.

.intense.icon {
    margin-left: 0px;

If you find any other issues, please let us know.