Hey there!

That would be great, you’re right that the images from 75 by 75px were probably sent back from Flickr and these were than resized by the template. My php knowledge is still pretty basic so I couldn’t say for sure but that is what it looked like. Once I entered the size in the shortcode which fitted with Flickr it was working fine.

It would be useful to mention which sizes are for which image source though. Because for example when I picked the normal “medium” size it didn’t work. It still only got the small thumbnails and resized them. So you really need to choose the small320, medium500 or large1024.

You could ofcourse also make it so that the wrong sizes cannot be picked once the source Flickr has been chosen. Like greying them out for example. Just a little more information I thought would be usefull.

I’m glad it worked out though cause that shortcode is going to safe me another plugin necessity or perhaps even two when you guys have looked into the implementation of Flickr Collections.

Best Regards