Okay so a update to this one as well, I realized that the playlist is not meant as a YouTube playlist id. Which had me confused at first, apparantly my bf suggested this is to create my own list from several YouTube URL’s.

So my question has sort of changed, since the function I thought it was wasn’t intended for that purpose.

I’m still wondering if it is possible to use the video shortcode from intense to replicate the thumbnail gallery from wp theater by setting a YouTube playlist id. And if not, if this were perhaps a function you would be willing to look into?

The reason I want to use a Playlist ID rather than seperate Video ID’s is because it is a dynamically updating gallery. Which changes as soon as I add new videos to the playlist. If this were done with seperate id’s it wouldn’t be dynamic unfortunelately.

I don’t like the official YouTube embed however though with a list in one screen rather than small thumbnails.

If it’s not possible or not easy to implement I’ll be satisfied with using either WP Theater plugin or WP YouTube Embed Plus since they both add the functionality as well. Just thought it couldn’t hurt to ask.