Intense Visions


We do have an update that may help get the demos to work better. With n00bdesign, we were able to get the demo to install after deactivating other plugins aside from Intense. It seems that there may be a plugin that is causing an issue with our import process. We haven’t been able to pinpoint which plugin or plugins are causing our import to not work. Once we can track down a plugin that causes the problem, we’ll be able to find a solution. I would suggest that for the sake of importing, disable all plugins aside from Intense and then re-activate them after the import.

Here is the zip file that should help with the import. Below is the list of files included in the zip file and where the files need to be placed inside of the theme.

logo-animated.gif – /intensity/assets/img/
demos.php – /intensity/inc/options/
intensity-demo-import.php – /intensity/inc/tools/
intense.php – /intensity/inc/integrations/

If you still have problems, we will gladly take a look and try to find what might be causing the problem. We’ve found that there may be a conflict with a plugin or plugins that cause the demos to not install properly. We just haven’t been able to pinpoint what plugin or plugins are causing problems.

If you want us to take a look, send us login information to support@intensevisions.com and let us know which demo you want to install and we’ll get in and see what we can do.