Translating Intensity works like most plugins and themes. Within the theme zip file, you will find a folder called languages. This folder contains a file (intensity.po) that contains all the words and phrases used by Intensity. It will also contain existing translations. If your language isn’t already included, it will need to be translated.

To begin translating, make a copy of the intensity.po file but with the following name format: intensity-language_country.po. For example, if translating Intensity into Italian, the filename would be intensity-it_IT.po. The languages folder would look something like this:


The .mo files are compiled versions of the .po files. They will automatically be created during the translation process. Once you have the language specific file created, you can begin translating. There are several programs that can be used to translate. We recommend using Poedit. Poedit is available for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux and is FREE!

To use Poedit, open the language file you are going to translate. Go through the individual source text items translating each one. If you want to only translate certain portions, you can still use an incomplete translation. We recommend translating at least the portions that will be visible to the users of your site. Make sure to save when you are done.

Once done translating, consider submitting your translation to so that it can be included within future releases. If you wish, we will also give you credit for translating. If you don’t want to submit your translation, make sure to back it up when updating the theme so that it doesn’t get removed by the update.

Each update to the theme may include changes to the translation text and may need additional translation.

Also, make sure to enable your language in WordPress. This is done in the wp-config.php. See

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