There are thousands of default icons to choose from. Intense includes over 4,500 icons that are all in zip files. Some of our demos include their own additional icon zip files. The current list of available icons can be seen by looking at the Intense plugin site, on the Icon shortcode page.

Adding Your Own Icons

You can add your own icons by creating an intense_icons folder within Intensity or a child theme. Inside of that folder, create another folder and place your icons inside of it. Here is an example of what the folder structure should look like.


If the icons are designed to be one color, you may need to manually remove the fill color from the individual SVG files. This will let you set the color using the shortcode. For multicolored icons, this isn’t necessary since you will want the fill color of the icon.

There is also a pack.json file that you can put in the folder with the icons to add more details about the icons. This isn’t necessary but, if you are curious, look at the example pack.json code below. This pack.json file is from the Font Awesome icon folder.

    “title”: “Font Awesome”,
    “name”: “font-awesome”,
    “author”: “Dave Gandy”,
    “license”: {
        “type”: “SIL OFL 1.1”,
        “url”: “http:\/\/scripts.sil.org\/OFL”
    “website”: “http:\/\/fortawesome.github.io\/Font-Awesome\/”,
    “source”: “http:\/\/fortawesome.github.io\/Font-Awesome\/”