Hooks: Actions and Filters

Hooks allow you to ‘hook’ into the rest of WordPress. There are two types of hooks in WordPress: actions and filters. Actions allow you to run your own code during execution. Filters let you alter content created by WordPress. Intensity defines actions and filters that can be used in your plugins or themes to hook into its functionality.

You can read more about hooks here: https://codex.wordpress.org/Plugin_API


intensity_before_headerExecuted before the header is displayed
intensity_after_headerExecuted after the header is displayed
intensity_before_opening_mainExecuted before the main content body
intensity_after_opening_mainExecuted after the main content body
intensity_before_closing_mainExecuted before closing of the main content body
intensity_after_closing_mainExecuted after closing of the main content body
intensity_after_closing_bodyExecuted after closing of the content body
intensity_before_the_content_beginExecuted before the page/post content begins
intensity_after_the_content_beginExecuted after the page/post content begins
intensity_before_the_content_endExecuted before the page/post content ends
intensity_after_the_content_endExecuted after the page/post content ends


intensity_viewport_metaApplies to the viewport meta

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