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We hope all has been great for you. Thank you for the kind words.

Are you using a shortcode to display your posts. If you are using a shortcode, the post shortcodes (blog, portfolio, project, etc…) have a “Meta” tab that allows you to turn on or off the various items (make sure that “Show Meta” is checked if you want to show the meta data).

If you are using the settings on the “Post Lists” page, you can control the meta information that shows by going to the “Meta Data” section (just below the “List” section), and turning on or off the items you want to show or hide. It’s important to have the “Meta Data” option on if you want to show the meta data.

If you continue to have troubles or need more help, we will be glad to take a look. We would probably need to know the page that you’re working on and any shortcodes being used.

Let us know if you need more help.