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Are you looking to remove the featured image on the coupon single post pages? This seems like what you’re trying to accomplish, but I want to make sure before giving further instructions. I think this will be the same answer for both of your questions, so here is what I suggest trying.

When on the Coupon post, you should be able to select the Single Post Template. This option is below the editor in a “Post Options” metabox. The “Single Post Template” should have just one options to select, “One Column (centered)”. This particular template doesn’t show the data you’re asking to remove, or at least it shouldn’t. Could you send a link to the post page? Here’s a link to one of our coupon single post pages that uses the “One Column (centered)” single post template.

If you continue to have problems or need further help, please let us know. You can also the Intense templating system if you want to create your own templates for single posts.