Intense Visions


I have come up with an easy way to do what you’re looking to do. I have added a new WPML Language shortcode. This shortcode takes a language value parameter. If the active language is the one set for the shortcode, the shortcode will be shown, otherwise it will not be shown. This means that you can wrap the contents for the various languages in the [intense_wpml_language] shortcode and only the active language will be shown. You’ll be able to do all this inside of the template that you’re working with. Here is a zip file of the files that have been added/changed. You will need to place them inside of the Intense plugin, in the following folders.

intense.php – /intense/inc/
wpml-language folder – /intense/shortcodes/

The first folder in the list is the plugin folder, showing it is easier so you know that you are in the plugin. If you are in the Intense plugin folder, you’ll just need to update the inc and shortcodes folders. Drop the entire wpml-language folder into the Shortcodes folder.

Once these changes are made, go into the Intense admin options (Settings->Intense), then to the Shortcodes tab and make sure that WPML Language is enabled/checked in the Active list of shortcodes. Save the options and you can then use the shortcode. We will include this in our next update.

Here is an example couple of shortcodes so you see how they are used.

[intense_wpml_language language="es"]
This is in Spanish

[intense_wpml_language language="en"]
This is in English

If you have any troubles or need more help, please let us know.