Intense Visions


Intense will work with Visual Composer. The shortcodes be available inside of Visual Composer, just as other shortcodes are. Some shortcodes don’t work quite right, as there are integration issues and we haven’t been able to get them worked out with Visual Composer. Most shortcodes will work perfectly. The shortcodes that have some issues are those that are containers (such as Content Section, Parallax Scene, Layout Row, Layout Column, etc…). One way that you can easily include the Intense shortcodes is to use the “Text Block” shortcode inside of Visual Composer. This shortcode provides an editor window that will give you access to the Intense “Shortcodes” button. When you click the “Shortcodes” button, a popup window will open with all of the Intense shortcodes. Click the shortcode you want and fill in the fields from there.

If you have any other questions or need more help, please let us know.