Intense Visions


As much coding and testing as we’ve done, we didn’t catch this before. We have added an option to the “Blog” tab in the Intensity admin options that will allow you to control this. The new setting is titled “Show social links near bottom of page” (this title may change before we release the next update).

Please download this zip file. In this zip file, you will find one file and a folder. The blog.php file needs to be placed inside of Intensity in the following folder:


The files inside of the “templates” folder all need to be placed inside of Intensity, in the following folder (copy the files into the following folder, not the “templates” folder):


Once these files are in place, go into the Intensity settings and find the new setting on the Blog tab. Make sure the setting is off and then save the options.

Please let us know if you have any troubles.