Hey there, I got another question, I’m stuck with:

Is there any chance, that the responsive menu on mobile devices will open “in front of the next parallax scene”?
Right now I have the problem that it goes behind the next parallax scene. It’s probably my fault but I don’t know, what I’m doing wrong…

This is the first bit of my code:

[intense_parallax_scene background_type="color" background_color="#203026" height="70" breakout="1" padding_top="0" padding_bottom="0" margin_top="-20"]
[intense_menu id="shortcode_menu" type="horizontal" name="Hauptmenue" class="hauptmenue" top_background_color="#203026" top_font_color="#ffffff" top_hover_background_color="#203026" top_hover_font_color="#39761e" top_active_background_color="#203026" top_active_font_color="#ffffff" top_active_hover_background_color="#203026" top_active_hover_font_color="#39761e" padding_left="15" padding_right="15"]
[intense_parallax_scene background_type="image" image="111" imagemode="parallax" full_height="1" breakout="1" advance_arrow_background_color="#ffffff"]

As the first parallax scene, which is just supoosed to be some “head of the page”, has been given only a height of “70” I get problems in showing the whole fly out menu on mobile devices.

I hope I was clear enough with my explanation 🙂