Intense Visions


Sorry it took us a while to respond. We don’t check the forum every day.

Here is the code that we used for the flip box that you are inquiring about. We make use of the <center></center> HTML tag to center things inside of the flip boxes.

<h2>Completely Customizable Content</h2>
[intense_flip_box animation="swing-flip" loop="0"]
[intense_alert color="muted" border_radius="5px"]
[intense_icon source="captain-icon" type="132" size="4" color="#ffffff" stack_type="circle" stack_color="error"]
[intense_heading align="center" tag="h2" margin_top="0" margin_bottom="0"]
Flip Box
Completely customizable content
[intense_image image="701" size="postExtraWide" title="Picking Flowers" caption="In ut metus posuere, vulputate magna ac, 
fermentum urna." border_radius="5px 5px 0 0"]
[intense_alert margin_bottom="0" color="muted" border_radius="0 0 5px 5px"]
[intense_heading align="center" tag="h3" margin_top="0"]
Your Own Content
<center>Format the flip box items with your own content. Add icons, buttons, maps, videos, images, and more.</center>

If you need any additional help, please let us know.