Intense Visions

Sorry it has taken so long to respond.

You can add the URL that is to be shared and the title into the shortcode. The shortcode might look like the following:

[intense_social_share share_url="http://www.google.com" title="This is my title" show_facebook="1" facebook_button="fontawesome" facebook_faces="1" show_googleplus="1" googleplus_button="fontawesome" show_twitter="1" twitter_button="fontawesome" show_linkedin="1" linkedin_button="fontawesome" tumblr_button="wide" show_email="1"] Social Share Content [/intense_social_share]

The changes above don’t seem to have an effect for the Facebook or Google Plus shares. I am guessing that the share links have been changed, so I am trying to track down what has changed so that I can get the issue straightened out for you.

I will look further into the issue and get back with you as soon as I figure it out.