Thanks for your response josh,
What I wanted to do is configure our shortcode in order to share feature image of post , title and excerpt when we share our post on social, at this moment is just sharing the URL and the main title of the website.
Also, we found that the share by mail function is not working properly at least on chrome

Could you guide us on this regards, is there any special configuration we need to apply?
This is the code we are using:

[intense_social_share show_facebook="1" facebook_button="fontawesome" facebook_faces="1" show_googleplus="1" googleplus_button="fontawesome" show_twitter="1" twitter_button="fontawesome" show_linkedin="1" linkedin_button="fontawesome" tumblr_button="wide" show_email="1"] Social Share Content [/intense_social_share]

I saw that on your website is working as we need